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Ryan Acre   acreryan@yahoo.com
07-29-2018 6:14:09 PM CST
When are fall ball sign ups?

04-03-2018 1:51:16 PM CST
Please update this site, there are still things dated 2015, Team information needs to be updated!!!!!

02-23-2018 9:16:47 PM CST
Can you send add the bat rules on here please?

Steve Berger
01-23-2018 9:12:46 PM CST
2018 PONY Lg. registration will be February 3rd 12-2 pm, February 5th thru 9th 6-8 pm. $150 registration fee with copy of birth certificate. You will be given 30 registration tickets ($5 each) and if you sell them you keep the money, what you don't sell write name on them for a chance to win drawing!